Tuesday, March 07, 2006

GOTB Action # 1: Darfur

Get on the Bus will kick off its day of demonstrations with an action at the Sudanese Mission to the United Nations. It's been 3 years since the conflict in the Darfur region in the west of Sudan started. Despite international condemnation and the presence of African Union troops, the situation has gotten no better. In fact, in recent days it has gotten worse, with the incursion of the janjaweed militias into neighboring Chad.

Efforts to replace the African Union peacekeepers with a UN force have failed and the government of Sudan recently withdrew its support for UN peacekeepers.

Learn more about the history of the Sudan conflict on the Amnesty International USA's web pages on Sudan.

For the latest news, see also Human Rights Watch, Physicians for Human Rights and the Darfur Consortium.

Take action for the women of Darfur on March 8, International Women's Day!

Amnesty International's Stop Violence Against Women Campaign (SVAW) Darfur group has put together an easy action for you and other activists to take regarding Violence Against Women in Darfur.

AIUSA created an action centered on International Women’s Day that includes an online opportunity for action (just click to make a difference!) as well as an online chat with filmmaker, activist and physician Dr. Gloria White Hammond who will answer questions about the current situation of women in Darfur after 1p.m. EST on March 8. The online action includes helpful background information to acquaint activists with the current situation in Darfur, and calls on members of Congress to support immediate funding to the African Union’s security efforts in Darfur.

Further, there is a general post-card campaign on behalf of Darfur in which Amnesty is participating. You (or local groups, etc.) can get these postcards by contacting your Regional Office.

Help Break the Silence, Stop the Violence: Help Shield the Women of Darfur!

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