Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Make your own signs and banners for GOTB

Make your own posters, signs and banners to bring to New York for GOTB. Group 133 just made four beautiful 12' banners last weekend with these slogans:

Sudan: Protect the People of Darfur
Ethiopia: Free All Prisoners of Conscience
Guatemala: Ni Una Mas! Stop Femicide
Yahoo! Don't Rat on Chinese Dissidents

We are also printing hundreds of posters for each demonstration.

But we'd still love to see you bring your own designs!

Here are a few suggested slogans to use in your group's signs:

Protect Civilians in Darfur
Allow Humanitarian Aid in Darfur
Don’t Shut Down NGOs
Stop the Killing in Darfur
Stop Rape and Violence against Women in Darfur
Allow an international intervention force
Justice for Darfur
Stop the Janjawid
Human Rights for the People of Darfur

Free All Prisoners of Conscience
Free Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam
Respect Freedom of Expression and Association
Freedom of speech and association for Ethiopia!
Protect the human rights of all Ethiopians
Freedom of speech and association are human rights

Names of Ethiopian prisoners of conscience
Dr. Berhanu Negga, Professor of Economics
Dr. Yacob Hailemariam, a former prosecutor in the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
Daniel Bekelle, lawyer and policy manager of ActionAid Ethiopia
Netsanet Demissie, environmental and human rights lawyer, chair, Organization for Social Justice in Ethiopia
Kassahun Kebede, Ethiopian Teachers Association
Berhane Moges
Frezer Negash

Hailu Shawel
Bitukan Mideksa
Getachew Mengiste
Gizachew Shifferaw
Dr. Hailu Araya
Debebe Eshetu
Muluneh Eyual
Daniel Bekele
Natsanet Demissie
Dr. Befekadu Degefe

Abraham Roda, farmer
Abraham Tula, former Sidama Development Corporation (NGO)
Abure Assefa, civil servant
Dessalegne Gassamo, USAID educational advisor
Edasso Ebissa, farmer
Musse Alemayehu, civil servant
Tadesse Washo, nurse
Tefera Janba, Awassa Tabour school student
Yosef Lalimo, Awassa Tabour school student

Kifle Tigeneh, aged 67, elected member of parliament
Solomon Aregawi, age 20, journalist
Admassu Abebe, age 50
Getachew Kebede, age 58, elected member of Addis Ababa City Council, army captain
Kifle Mekonnen, age 60, elected member of Addis Ababa City Council
Solomon Demissie, age 70, elected member of Addis Ababa City Council
Molla Alemayehu, age 56
Mulunesh Mammo, age 39
Natnael Mekonnen, age 28
Wassihun Alemu, age 60

Not One More: Stop the Killing of Guatemalan Women
Investigate the Murders and Prosecute the Killers
Stop the Injustice
Bring the Killers to Justice
Stop Violence against Women
Protect Women from Violence
No Protection, No Justice
Protect Women's Lives

Names of some of the murdered Guatemalan women and girls
Claudina Isabel Velázquez Paíz, a 19-year-old law student, shot in her head, evidence of rapeFlor de María Cristina Arriola, a 20-year old graphic design student- beaten, bitten, shot 4 times
Manuela Sanchez, nanny (killed along with the 10-month old boy, Anthony Hernandez, for whom she was caring)María Isabel Franco Sandoval, 15-year old girl with a job in a shop- raped, beaten, stabbed
Nancy Peralta Oroxon, a 30-year-old accounting student
Olga Estrada Bosch, an 82-year old woman, strangled
Mirna Elizabeth Méndez, 19, died from gunshot wounds
Sandra Janet Palma Godoy, 17, killed weeks after witnessing another murder
Oliberta Elizabeth Calel Goméz, 17, killed by a police officer
Andrea Fabiola Contreras Bacaro,17, word “vengeance” carved into her leg
Deborah Elizabeth Tomás Viñeda,16, and Olga Aracelly Tomás Viñeda, 11, sisters kidnapped by the Mara Salvatrucha gang in 2003
Dorothy Lydia Barentin, 69, member of the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Guatemala
Brenda Rodriguez, 20, murdered in August 2004
Rosmary, 16, killed when walking from school
Sara Castaño, 15, killed earlier this year
Heidy Ruano, 14, killed in 2005, 76 stab wounds
Janethe, 37, married, mother of 3, tortilla vendor, murdered by uniformed man
XX, a teacher from Zacapa
María Marroquín, 20, worked at clothing factory
Erica López, 26
Brenda Xiomara
Consuelo Cifuentes
María Dominga
Ana Gabriela
Priscilla, age 21, daughter of Maria Alma de Villatoro, stabbed to death by her boyfriend for refusing to have an abortion
Verónica Leticia Cucuá, 13 yrs old, kidnapped, raped and strangled
Kimberly Salazar Castillo, 17 yrs, shot to death with a bullet in the face
Marleni Valdez Cáceres, 17 yrs, tortured and shot to death
Aída Iracema López Pinto, 17 yrs, shot in the head
XX, 20-yr. old woman, shot in the forehead and dumped on a highway
Maregilda Suchité, 49 yrs, killed by gunshots
Claudia Araceli Escobar Armento, 30 yrs old, killed by gunshots
XX, young woman, dumped in an abandoned house
XX, approximately 20 yrs old, nude, raped and beaten to death
XX, approx. 30 yrs old, body hacked apart and found in four black plastic bags
XX, approx. 20 yrs old, shot to death at close range in the door of her house
Lucía de los Ángeles, 4 yrs old, shot to death while sleeping by police
7 XXs, 7 sexworkers killed in 1999 and never identified, each with the words “for being a woman” (Por ser mujer) written on their backs
XX, approx. 18 yrs, beaten with a brick, raped and left in a house under construction
Angelina Alvarado Álvarez, 26 yrs old
XX, young woman found nude, knifed to death and dumped in an empty lot
Glenda María Solís Tzunux, 4 yrs, kidnapped, raped and killed
Brígida Joan Roldán, 27 yrs, shot twice in the stomach
Victoria Gómez Barrientos, 42 yrs, shot to death
XX, mother and her young son both shot to death
XX, mother of César and Flor Canel, murdered by gang members


Free the Web
Blogging is Free Expression
Freedom of Expression is a Human Right
Don't Censor the Internet
Tear Down the Great Firewall of China
Don't Arrest People for Writing Emails
Free Shi Tao
Free Li Zhi
Yahoo: Don't Rat on Chinese Dissidents
Yahoo: Don't Cooperate with Censorship
Human Rights apply to the Internet, too
Google: Don't Be Evil

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