Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Revised Chad "asks"

The revised list of "asks" for the Get On The Bus 2011 Chad action as recommended by Amnesty International Chad country specialist Sarah Milburn:

  • to provide greater protection to women and girls in refugee camps in eastern Chad, including refugees from Darfur and internally displaced persons from Chad, now that they have lost the protection that MINURCAT provided;
  • to make every effort to prevent the recruiting of underage combatants in the refugee camps and other insecure areas of eastern Chad, either by the Chadian security services or by armed opposition forces, and to better facilitate the rehabilitation and reintegration of child soldiers;
  • to ensure that Chadian soldiers and security personnel cease all violations of the human rights of refugees and other displaced persons in the camps; and
  • to ensure that all who have committed such violations are brought to justice, whether they are in Chadian government forces or those of the opposition.

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